Arda Therapeutics

Clearing cells to cure disease

Cells are the functional units of life. They are also the functional units of disease.

Many diseases are caused by an excess of pathological cell types. Most existing pharmacology modulates individual pathways, but cell states are complex networks that are difficult to change via single nodes. It is more effective to eliminate the entire pathological network — that is, the entire cell. We are developing therapeutics to do exactly that.

We use single-cell data from patients to identify which cells to target and how to target them.

We then design therapeutics to remove those cells, and only those cells.

We are committed to developing transformative, first-in-class therapies for multiple diseases.

Arda’s Approach

  • Respects the systems nature of biology

  • Uses the full value of single-cell data

  • Increases therapeutic options by selecting targets from the cell surface proteome

Arda Therapeutics was founded in 2021 in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be hiring for computational and experimental biology roles soon!